37 Countries. 5 Bicycles. 2 Dollars. 1 Man.

Monday, September 14, 2009


If you’ve been following my posts over the last two weeks, you know I like a good bicycle tour. Well, Keiichi Iwasaki likes one more.

In April of 2001, Iwasaki quit is job and, with 2 bucks to his name, set out on a year-long tour of Japan. He found this so rewarding that he decided not to stop. Eight years later, he’s covered 45,000km and pedaled through 37 countries.


And he hasn’t stayed on the bike the whole time either. No, among Iwasaki’s accomplishments are sailing the Ganges from source to sea, climbing Mont Blanc, and…wait for it…summiting Mt. Everest.

His financial secret? Apparently, he’s paid his entire way by “performing magic tricks.” Says Iwasaki,

“Most travellers and adventurers need money but instead of giving up an opportunity to travel the world I want to clarify that dream can come true if you have a strong will.”

Now that’s some magician.

His plans for the future include Africa, South America, North America, and finally (in about five years’ time), returning to Japan to — naturally — write a book about the adventure.

So…what did you spend $2 on today?

* Photo by Robert Thomson (note: NOT Iwasaki’s bike)

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