Raise Your Steins: Here’s To A Great Oktoberfest

Friday, September 18, 2009


This weekend, some six million people will head off to the start of Munich’s infamous festival celebrating everything Bavarian. The ceremonial tapping of the first keg, by the mayor of Munich, will happen this Saturday at 12:00. The party, this year, will last until October 4th.

Growing up in the Midwest (as with so many other cities and areas around the world), the heavy German influences took me to numerous versions of the original festival, all of which did their finest to recreate the, let’s say, atmosphere. Long story short, each came with a complimentary case of self inflicted heartburn due to insane amounts of bratwursts and hefeweizen.

I can only imagine what I’d get myself into by attending the guzzle-fest that is the largest public festival in the world. To aid you, here is a handy guide from BootsnAll with the lowdown on how to get there, which beer tent to visit, and  pictures of girls in dirndls! I guess I am just rendered helpless when surrounded by beer tents, Bavarian women and spicy sausages.

So to all of you that are there, planning to go, or have already been to Oktoberfest . . . here’s to you. Stay safe and have a great time.

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