Why Your Next Trip Should Be To Central America

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Is there anything worse than that sinking feeling you get after looking at your bank statement and realizing that about 3/4 of the world is officially out of your budget for travel at the moment? Relax, as winter approaches, temperatures drop, and wallets are reeling from summer excesses, there’s still a chance to get away soon, and for very little (let’s say under $25 a day). That’s where Central America comes in.

BootsnAll is showing you how a little bit of skimping and a little insight as to where to avoid can let you get away for less per day than what your last bar tab likely ran up to.

As is true around the world, to avoid high prices, avoid the tourists. Skip the popular beaches of Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica and try exploring Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras (here’s a few ideas and a few more).

Stick to the bus. This again pretty much applies to the whole world. Is there any cheaper and more authentic way to both get around and get a sense of a country? Plus, Latin America is known for their affordable and effective bus system (which is much more than I can say for the U.S.).

Finally, save money and eat local. You’re likely to eat some of your best meals on your trip while sitting on a plastic chair next to a food stall while a dog sleeps at your feet. Formal wear optional.

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