What Travel Books Are TheExpeditioners Reading?

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Looking at my overflowing shelves of books, I’m realizing my genre of choice falls under travel literature. In the ever present search for the next in-flight entertainment, I found this BraveNewTraveler post listing the top 50 greatest travel books of all time.

It was quite humbling, since I’ve only read five on the list. In no particular order, I’ve gotten through “Life of Pi,” “Into the Wild,” “On the Road,” “Call of the Wild,” and “In Patagonia.”

Maybe it’s a vain attempt to justify my failing grade, but I realize there are immeasurable others out there I’ve read that could have easily made the list (I’ll offer up “Three Cups of Tea” and “A Walk In The Woods” to start), and an infinite more I’m simply unaware of.

So, I pose this question to all of you: “What books are filling up your shelves?”

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