Welcome To Diu: Goa 30 Years Ago

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I was only but a slowly developing zygote 30 years ago, but in the world of travel lore, Goa was the place to be around that magical time period during the 1970’s. Today? Not so much. But for the chance of experiencing your very own sense of discovery, try heading north to Diu.

Not that you’re likely to run into too many hippies there today, but Diu, the small island lying just off the Gujarat coast, does offer the chance to visit a laid-back, un-commercialized island far from any tourists, as this Times article explores: ” . . . the beach, Nagoa, on which Indian men, tourists from the cities, frolicked delightedly in beige underwear. We were the only Westerners there.”

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