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Friday, October 16, 2009

hare krishna

Just as America has it’s 9/11 which altered its future, India has it’s November, 2008. Unfortunately, the results of these events are a part of the times we currently live in. This post on IntelligentTravel is a sobering reminder of that.

The article talks about the security measures instated at New Delhi’s ISKCON Hare Krishna Temple since the attacks in Mumbai. Just coming back from the ease and serenity of the temples in the Far East, it’s hard for me to picture a line of people waiting for a pat-down before entering a place of worship as if it’s a Packers game. Security at places frequented by locals and travelers is now a top priority. Although perhaps necessary, it is unfortunate.

As the author waited at the security check, she overheard the most striking quote I’ve read in quite some time, “If God needs all this to protect him, how on Earth will he protect me?”

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