Where Are This Winter’s Hot Spots In Latin America?

Friday, October 16, 2009


The NY Daily News ticks off some of their favorite hotspots this summer in Latin America. A few may not exactly be terribly insightful (it’s a given Buenos Aires and Rio are great to see come late November), but there were a few good suggestions here I’d take some time to check out.

Nicaragua’s San Juan del Sur
is a surfing paradise on the country’s Pacific coast that supports a thriving fishing community and promises to be uncrowded despite its emergence as one of the country’s premier vacations spots.

Belize’s St. George’s Caye is an island just a few miles off the coast of Belize City that’s home to a whopping 20 people (who gets to be mayor do you think?). Though sitting on the world’s second-largest barrier reef system in the world, Moon Travel describes the island as being “far from commercialized — on the contrary, it’s very quiet, with mostly residential homes and their docks.”

And finally, for a historic Mexican experience head to Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende, a town dating back to 1542 situated over a mile above sea level. Though a mecca for artists, performers and musicians, Fodor’s warns of the town’s descent into a “yuppie” friendly, “. . . Mexico-lite destination.” At least they’re not afraid to tell you what they really think.

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