Kenya’s Flamingo Park Recognized

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lake nakuru

Pink is the new black. That’s what the trend setters are saying, right? Honestly, fashion sense said goodbye to me long ago, so I’ll stick to sharing news coming out of Kenya’s Nakuru National Park. That way no one will be mixing argyle with horizontal stripes (unless that’s cool now).

Described as “greatest bird spectacle on earth,” the park is known for the ridiculous amount of flamingos  frolicking about Nakuru Lake. Recently, it’s been given the distinction as Kenya’s first “Important Bird Area” (IBA — not to be confused with IBS). Besides the flamingo, it’s also home to over 450 different bird species, all of which have been under pressure because of Kenya’s recent drought that has been threatening the lake’s water supply. A goal of the designation is to bring the lake’s ecological importance back to the forefront before the lake, and all those who call it home, disappear.

Much like what happened to my fashion sense.

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