Are You Tired? Cuz You’ve Been Flying Through My Mind All Night

Friday, October 23, 2009


Lately, we’ve all been bombarded with silly airline promotions (see Ryanair, Ryanair, or Ryanair). This time, love is in the air, and the Kiwi’s are stepping up to the plate. Just recently, Air New Zealand announced a new “matchmaking flight” on selected overnight flights from L.A. to Auckland.

Festivities begin online, with their own social media website and pre-boarding airport party. Then, in between the champagne and rounds of speed dating, the crew might just break into dance (naturally, Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is involved). Once in Auckland, you can try out some more brutal pick-up lines at the full scale mixer they will take you to. Sounds like a script idea for “The Hangover” writers.

Keep in mind, more than a quarter of New Zealand’s adult population is unmarried, and diamonds last forever, (ladies, who knows?). The first Matchmaking Flight sold out, but you can make a reservation here for about $780 round trip, which doesn’t include the cost of cleaning the mothball scent out of your suit coat (or the honeymoon, if things go well). Best of luck.

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