‘Tis The Season For Morbid Travel Attractions

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some travelers head to Salem, Massachusetts for the month-long Halloween events, others head to Madison, Wisconsin’s Freakfest or New York City’s Village Halloween Parade for two of the country’s largest celebrations. (And, if you were wondering, I am planning to be Paul Kinsey from “Mad Men” this year.)

But, as a true traveler, you want to make something more out of your Halloween plans, right? How about visiting some of the world’s most famous graves? Morbid? Yes. Kind of interesting? That too.

The St. Petersburg Times has this guide to some famous graves, including L.A.’s star-studded Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills cemeteries, to Paris’ Pere Lachaise cemetery, final resting place for Chopin, Edith Piaf, and perhaps the world’s most famous grave, Jim Morrison.

A couple more that I’d suggest? How about Eva Peron’s mausoleum in Buenos Aires, or Baltimore’s Edgar Allen Poe grave where once a year, a visitor places a bottle of cognac and three roses on it to commemorate his birthday. I dare ask, but what are some of your favorite graves?

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