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Another New Addition To

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No, I still haven’t haven’t procreated since last week. Rather, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Luke Armstrong, another new member to the writing staff here at When not busy working all day in Antigua, Guatemala, and putting the finished touches on his first novel, Luke’s going to be contributing to the site.

We’re especially excited to read about Luke’s planned trek through Western Europe and North Africa this April. We’ll keep you posted. Please welcome Luke and we look forward to having him with us.

You can read Luke’s past contributions to the site by clicking here.

Here’s Luke in his own words:

In a real sense, I exist because of wanderlust. My parents both met in the Marshall Islands while doing a stint in the Peace Corp. My dad discovered that being the only other person on the island who spoke my mom’s native language and not wearing a leaf loincloth, his chances were good.

When I finished college at a university in Chile, I did what any financially oblivious recent grad would do: took out a large student loan and decided that I was going to hitchhike from Valparaiso, Chile, to Alaska. Also, having majored in philosophy and English made traveling and writing about it better than hearing potential employers ask, “Now why didn’t you want to get real degrees?” (Just kidding oversensitive English majors).

Along the way I learned: don’t eat the street meat and that the world is boiling over with a vibrant wonder that anyone can be a part of.

I never made it all the way to Alaska. While passing through Antigua, Guatemala, I was given an amazing opportunity to be the program director for the educational development NGO Nuestros Ahijados. An amazing organization founded by human rights activist Patrick Atkinson that uses sustainable solutions to fight generational poverty.

So for the past two years I have been basing out of Antigua, Guatemala, traveling when I have the time and learning plenty of colorful Guatemalan slang words. I’ve been a fan of The Expedtioner for some time and am thrilled to be able to add another beard to the team.

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