Diving Papua New Guinea

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maybe it’s the -15 I see on my thermometer this morning that is making tropical destinations front and center on my mind. I have to personally thank the crew at GoNomad for taking me to the island of Papua New Guinea. I couldn’t have imagined a better mental getaway.

Battling jet lag, the author describes the “perfect mix of rising sun, blue sea and towering mountains” of Kimbe Bay. He then heads under that blue sea, probably the best decision he’s made in a while. New Guinea is said to have over 2,000 species of fish, 900 in Kimbe Bay alone. That’s not even taking into account the over 400 coral species identified there. On top of that, the WWII fighting has left many plenty of plane wrecks in the area drawing divers from all over the world.

Not sold yet? The province of West New Britain is a center of cultural diversity, including seven tribal groups speaking as many as twenty-five different languages.

Oh look, it’s snowing now; time for a Google search for something like, “virtual beach screensavers.”

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