Berlin: 10 Things You Should Really Do

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Any city can be difficult to navigate or to really get a feel for it. It’s always nice to meet or know locals so that they can take you on a tour of a different nature. Locals are able to see the small things — the trees in the forest — which keep the city so close to their hearts.

Whenever I heard about Berlin, I always imagined straight-lines and block-buildings left over from the utilitarian days of yore. However, I had always wanted to visit the city, fascinated by its history and captivated by its modern, progressive culture.

When reading Rory MacClean’s article, I noticed it wasn’t just any “10 things to do” list. It was accompanied by beautifully shot photographs to illustrate just how culturally rich Berlin is. From a revamped bombed-out museum to where to eat the best Turkish food, MacClean really tries to take you inside Berlin’s walls.

One of my favorites that MacClean writes about is the Ellington Hotel. You can have a private dinner amidst a “wine bank vault,” choose an ultra-modern room of rest, or dip down to the terrace. While out and about, on your way to trendy Prenzlauer Berg, you can stop by the Circleculture Gallery, which displays art from up-and-coming artists, or just look at some graffiti on the streets.

I had always heard great things about the city, especially its arts scene, but I never got to see nor read about the little things. Afterall, the little things are what makes any city. I think that this article effectively explained the most endearing qualities of Germany’s biggest metropolis.

Even though Jon went through all that work posting our hopes for 2010, I’m changing my wishlist to just one place: Berlin.

Sorry, Jon.

By Brit Weaver


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