An Experience In Unique Mozambique

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This week, the Globe summarized what traveling ought to be, no matter where you go: experiencing authentic culture. Although Northern Mozambique may be a haven for the elite, true culture can still be experienced at Mozambique Island, a UNESCO-protected island.

Leaf, with help from his host, Luis, decided to savor dinner at the night market with the locals. Once there, not only did he get a delicious meal, but he got to observe what makes Mozambique truly unique. “In the square we find a chaotic scene of laughing kids, flickering firelight and old women trading stories while grilling ears of corn.”

Sounds peaceful to me.

Not only did he describe the food as amazing, but the architecture holds some interesting history. The 17th-century governor’s palace was built with a Mediterranean feel with hopes that the King of Portugal would arrive. Apparently, they waited for 400 years, and still nothing.

The overall experience must have been magical, and at times even rustic. Nevertheless, sounds like an ideal way of travel: doing more than just seeing it.

By Brit Weaver


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