Is Headed To The 2010 Olympic Games

Friday, January 29, 2010

86 events, 17 days, 5500 participants from 80 different countries, 3 billion television viewers, and 1 managing editor sent to stir up the pot and see what happens. Yes, the rumors are true: I will be loading up my camera, skis, tickets, and computer and heading to Whistler on February 9th for roughly a week, to see what all this Olympics hype is about (and to do my best tracking down the notoriously inept ski jumper from Calgary’s ’88 Olympics,  Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards — he’s got to be nearby, right?).

Truly, though, I am extremely fortunate to have this opportunity. To many, the Olympic Games symbolize the coming together of people and cultures from all over the world. Despite its controversy, as there always seems to be at this event, I have always held the belief that the games mean more than winning a race of a sport that you never see but every four years. It is about representing your country, yourself, spirit, abilities, and seeing the best in people from different backgrounds.

Besides all that, how cool is the Skeleton (picture extreme headfirst sledding, in tights, somewhere within Avatar’s Pandora)? Where else do you see cross country skiers with rifles on their backs, or curling for that matter? This is stuff you just don’t see everyday!

To better follow the happenings, TheExpeditioner will put up a picture along the right hand side of the site, under the Features Section. So, keep an eye out for my daily Olympic dispatches from my time in Vancouver, Whistler, and everywhere in between.

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