Costa Rica’s Enchanting Tortuguero National Park

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whenever the word “enchanting” is used, there is something, well, enchanting about it. Maybe it’s just semantics, but there is definitely a stigma attached to that word. For me at least, it’s worth an investigation.

Drifting around Twitter-ville recently, I stumbled across this intriguing word. My predictability took over, and I followed the link to Velvet Escape’s post about the crowning jewel of Costa Rica’s ecological legacy, Tortuguero National Park. However brief as this article was, “enchanting” was only the start.

A maze of canals, estuaries, and lagoons are surrounded by the dense rainforests along the Caribbean; a combination that put Costa Rica on the map. Visitors to the park can take hike and boat tours through the waterways to get to the more intimate areas of the park. If you’re going by boat, expect canopy-covered canals through a wonderland of animal life (monkeys, tapirs, and sloths . . . need I say more?). If you choose to hike — opt for the guided night hike during turtle nesting season (tortuguero literally means “region of turtles”).

All these possibilities send my imagination reeling. Looks like I’ve been enchanted, yet again.

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