Bedtime In Winston’s Bunker

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ok. Most people don’t really consider the U.K. as part of Europe, but in an effort to keep with “Europe Week,” we’ll make an exception.

CNTraveller recently mentioned that you and 49 others can book a night in Winston Churchill’s wartime bunker for the night of May 14, 2010, and live like the British Bulldog did during the war. For 45 pounds you “will be given a night-time tour around the museum, walking the same historic corridors and cabinet rooms as Churchill did decades ago. Guests will be granted unique access to rare films, objects and replica cabinet documents.” The stay also includes your meals — dinner and breakfast — and a bar (but not the price of your drinks). I assume one will need many room-temperature beers as beds are not provided, just the endearing coziness of an auditorium floor and a BYO-sleeping bag.

Another option is to make some tea, don some Clodhopper shoes, then take the virtual tour online. Plus you get to sleep in your own bed that night.

By Brit Weaver


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