San Francisco Is Worth The Mission

Friday, March 19, 2010

There is nothing more rewarding than finding a city’s hidden gems, whether it is for food, coffee, or used books. I love stumbling across articles written by people who know these spots and just want to share them with the world.

Today, an article in The Globe and Mail about the Mission District in San Francisco caught my attention. Described as the neighborhood of delicious burritos, the Mission has more to offer than just authentic Latin cuisine. From diners to donut shops and ice cream to mural-lined streets, the “sun-belt of the city” is blossoming.

I remember hopping bars in this district, upon recommendation of a local, but wish we had spent more daylight hours there. Staying in the Tenderloin, in a crumbly-old hotel, getting to the eastern end of the city seemed exasperating. Not only did we only have a five-day whirlwind through the foggy city, but we weren’t informed enough either.

Now that we’ve found some suggestions, perhaps the first time around, or next, won’t seem like such a mission.

By Brit Weaver


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Toronto born and based, Brit is an avid leisure cyclist, coffee drinker and under-a-tree park-ist. She often finds herself meandering foreign cities looking for street eats to nibble, trees to climb, a patch of grass to sit on, or a small bookstore to sift through. You can find her musing life on her personal blog,

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