The Expeditioner’s March Travel Photography Contest Winner

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sometimes, things just simply work out. Not often, but sometimes. When this month’s winner, Diego Cupolo, was out on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, that’s exactly what happened. Here’s how Diego describes this month’s winner:

That photo is one of personal favorites from my recent trip to Caracas. Basically, I spotted the old man drinking a coffee and reading a newspaper in good lighting so I asked him if I could snap a shot of him. Unlike other locals, which usually turned me down or asked for money, he simply said “Si” and went about his business – as relaxed as an old man can be.

What do we think about “Man vs. Robot?” Matt loved the juxtaposition– I like those people that you run into on the streets that are sitting there, completely oblivious. I’m sitting next to a fridge decorated as a robot — so what? Luke couldn’t deny his competitive nature — I have been having my money on Man for quite a while, so seeing that this man obviously has kicked this Robo-trash guy’s ass in the pic, this is heartening. Me, well, I like any picture that drips of talent.

I encourage you to spin by Diego’s work at his flickr Page. He has several collections of amazing work, our picture came from his Caracas 2010 Series. Many thanks for the submission Diego, we look forward to seeing more of your collection.

TheExped’s flickr group has been growing steadily these last three months. We’re excited to invite you to take a look through the many incredible submissions (or use the Flickr icon at the top right of the site), join us, and get posting! Each month, we will be choosing our favorite photo to feature with the photographer’s thoughts behind the shot.

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