Three Sites You Should Know For Traveling Cheap

Friday, April 16, 2010

My eyes usually begin to gloss over when I start to read those articles about someone’s “tips to traveling cheap.” Don’t fly during major holidays. Shop around online for the best ticket. Pass when the hotel manager offers you the penthouse suite with the champagne-filled jacuzzi. But I did like a couple of site tips from John DiScala from this article at the Daily News.

He mentions Airfare Watchdog, a site I seem to always hear/read about, yet always forget to bookmark. Just enter in your nearest airport and see a list of some of the best deals around (or sign up to get e-mail alerts).

If you’re one of those Priceline junkies, then check out Bidding For Travel, essentially a forum of people sharing their best deals so you know how low you can bid.

Finally, visit Momondo, a brilliant aggregator of aggregators, that searches not only the airline sites including the low-cost carriers — something you won’t see on most other aggregators — but also also travel agencies.

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