Ten Weird Cities, In No Specific Order

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just when you think that your city is somewhat unique and interesting, you read an article that makes your head explode. Cities with underground offices, street dogs that can navigate the underground transit system, and a British-themed residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Shanghai are just a few of the “10 Weirdest Urban Ecosystems On Earth”, an article posted on io9.com, a new favorite site that keeps me updated on random — yet useful, especially in conversations with strangers — bits of information.

For example, when sitting at a bar in downtown-wherever you can lower your voice, look around skittishly and ask: Did you know that Centralia, a small-town in Pennsylvania, is rumored to have been the setting for the Silent Hill video game? Apparently, years ago, some guys set fire to some garbage near an underground bed of coal which caught and has overheated the town ever since (and it’s estimated to do so for another 250 years). The town was evacuated, yet some families still live there. Pretty interesting.

The Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, New York. “[O]ne of the most foulest places on Earth,”, yet a hotbed — quite literally — for scientific research. From the depths of the deplorable dark-goo arises the possibility of a cure for diseases. According to the article, life actual can exist in the Canal. Little organisms have “found a way” by producing a type of antibiotic to combat bacteria and viruses. If harnessed, this proto-antibiotic could be a medical breakthrough. Take that Manhattan!

Not only is this article absolutely fascinating, but a good resource for the imagination. If you are a story writer, or teller, all of these cities have some serious potential for imaginative creation. Or, if you are just looking for some bizarre places to visit, add any of the urban ecosystems to your bucket-list.

*The above photo is of Japan’s ghost-island, Gunkanjima

By Brit Weaver


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