Escaping Hong Kong Within The City

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I remember years ago, sitting in class with one of my best buds, making lists of places we wanted to go. For me, my list consisted of places that I thought would push my comfort level. For him, his list was about seeing the world’s best skylines. At the top of that list (no surprise) was Hong Kong.

My friend explained how the aesthetic was so intriguing: mountains as a backdrop, the background, to sky-scrapers and fluorescent billboards, a Bladerunner fan’s dream.

Nevertheless, despite its futuristic foreground, a recent article by Steve McKenna in The Sydney Morning Herald lists green space, or breathing space, that travelers can find within the city’s limits.

McKenna escaped the hustle of chaos and found everything from harmonic birdsongs to waterfalls to Tai Chi practitioners to malls atop a 552-meter high peak. The highlight may be finding out that more than three-quarters of Hong Kong is green space, most of the modern buildings going up instead of out.

Looks like no matter where you are, even one of the most visually stimulating cities in the world, you can find a place to find peace. You can crawl up to Victoria Peak to stop, breathe and take it all in.

By Brit Weaver


About the Author

Toronto born and based, Brit is an avid leisure cyclist, coffee drinker and under-a-tree park-ist. She often finds herself meandering foreign cities looking for street eats to nibble, trees to climb, a patch of grass to sit on, or a small bookstore to sift through. You can find her musing life on her personal blog,

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