Escape The Crowds At The 2010 World Cup

Friday, May 28, 2010

I’ve come down with football fever and it might be from all the pre-World Cup coverage that is going on. Countries and companies across the world are promoting their teams everywhere from YouTube tonormal tube. There have been whole segments on the radio dedicated to soccer balls and fancy shoes.

An article in The Wall Street Journal predicts South Africa will host over 300,000 visitors for the games. My guess is things are going to get tight. Luckily, the article also points out spots to escape the frenzy, like the vineyards in Vergelegen.

Perhaps one would prefer to stay in Woodstock, Cape Town, one of the only communities in the city that avoided Apartheid, as recommended in an article in The New York Times.

Once an impoverished community — a “place you would come to get drugs” as a local Ms. Dudley explains — it is now thriving with art and delicacies. It boasts organic products at its Saturday Neighborhoods Market, and travelers can gander at the displays of prints at the South African Print Gallery.

Need some love? Ms. Dudley’s got a shop that slips a little Love Potion into the sandwiches (curiously a “garlicky dressing”.)

The World Cup. I couldn’t fathom the energy and excitement, nor the exhaustion that could ensue. Taking a break over a bottle of Syrah and a Love Sandwich might not be a bad idea.

By Brit Weaver


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