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Friday, June 4, 2010

Apparently, summer is the season of summits. This year, Toronto is hosting the G20 — with much ado about something — and the Muskoka region of Ontario is hosting this year’s G8, with guest appearances from celebrity politicians. Well, for the most part — Muskokies just want to know about Obama.

Recently, a group of friends were talking about the repercussions the meeting will have on our cottage country. We chuckled. It’s black fly season. The juxtaposition of designer suits and repellent-mesh masks will make the charade more down-to-earth.

Nevertheless, the summit is being held at Deerhurst, a world renowned resort in Huntsville, mainly famous for its golf course. According to The Star, it was chosen in secret in September of 2007, and made public by an announcement by Stephen Harper in June 2008. Since then, preparations have been extensive, especially by upping the security with a 3-meter high fence.

Who knew that the venue for the Muskoka Ironman competition and the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships would be such a high-profile contender?

The population need not worry, as the “clean up” from the world leaders’ party time will happen right after they leave the lake land and head off to attend the G20 summit. Then normal life of pony rides and tee-offs will resume.

By Brit Weaver


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