The Expeditioner’s May Photo Contest Finalists

Friday, June 11, 2010

We entered the month of May in search of some of the most spectacular shots of the world’s landscapes. Low and behold, we found many. It took a whole month just to sift through and come to a consensus over, in my opinion, some of the most stunning snapshots of this big, beautiful Earth. Ode to majestic beauties!

First, let us introduce this photo, “Rebirthing A Legend,” and appropriately so. As legend has it, London Bridge was falling down so they moved it to Lake Havasu. Yet, it is not the bridge that captures the aesthetic eye, but the Havasu Falls seen here. According to the photographer, Michael Greene, a flash flood altered the canyon creating a smaller, yet equally impressive waterfall.

Taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the dynamic of colors and layout demonstrate, to paraphrase Greene, its undeniable beauty. “Makes me want to whip off my swim trunks and go for a dip,” quoth Luke. Some more legendary photos can be found on Michael Green’s flickr.

This shot of Athens, Greece, allows all who look at it to be transfixed. Even the photographer describes the experience as “something surreal.” Adventuring the rocky cliffs that surround the Acropolis, the photographer and friends found a point where locals gather to appreciate the view, “eyes glazed over in thought and awe with every moment.” You can see more incredible moments of adventure at cbettsphotography’s flickr page.

This picture, taken with a Nikon D80, puts me at a loss of words. I had no idea that New Mexico held such a treasure. When looking at this landscape, one cannot help but feel lost in a dream.  The intensity of color contrast to the apparent purity of the sand is nothing short of breathtaking. Such are Tsjikatilo’s other photos that you can find on flickr.

Remember to check out, or join, The Expeditioner’s flick account and share your shots with everyone. The theme for next month’s competition is: different faces in different places. Express yourself.

By Brit Weaver


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