Destinations To Help Cure World Cup Blues

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now that the World Cup is officially over, outside of Spain, the world is feeling quite a void right now. One spin through your Facebook statuses will prove that. So when Team England bowed out of the tourney, the UK-based Wanderlust had more than enough reasons to create a list of destinations specifically focused to boost happiness.

Got a few days off? Head to Montreal’s standup festival this weekend (July 12-18) where comedians such as Steve Martin, Lewis Black and John Pinette will take over the city. If you’re looking for more of an enlightening experience, head to Mumbai and enroll in a few classes of laughter yoga. You’ll boost your mood through a combination of yogic breathing and laughing.

Will you need more than just a few days? Let your inner hippie run wild: rent a VW van and hit up some festivals. I never saw flower children upset because their teams lost a World Cup game. For a more guaranteed cure, Hawaii’s Aloha Festival (Sept 2-25) will do the trick. Grab your grass skirt, rum cocktail, and hula the nights away. Before long you’ll forget the World Cup even took place.

Whatever you do, avoid the town of Happy, Texas, at all costs. Shedding the World Cup blues can’t be forced.

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