The Expeditioner’s “Urban Jungle” Travel Photo Winner

Monday, August 9, 2010

This month’s gem comes from Europe’s second northernmost capital city, Helsinki, Finland. Receiving the most first place votes, “Flash Flood” makes me feel like I’m in a movie. The kind of movie I’m standing next to a phone booth in a long trench coat, under an umbrella with a rain soaked damsel on my arm.

As Brit said, “nothing speaks to me more than watching people running in the hazy rain.” The photographer, Aaron surely knows what we mean:

Took this shot downtown Helsinki about a half hour after a massive one-hour rain storm. We were on the island of Suomenlinna and we saw it get really dark over the city. We tried to get the ferry back before it poured but no luck. Some of the streets had close to one meter of water on them. People were walking around up to their knees in water.

Congratulations, Aaron, you’ve won July’s Urban Jungle Photo Contest. To see more of his great work, head over to his Flickr page.

Aaron and the rest of us will be duking it out throughout August to win our next competition, “Animals of the World.” Stop over to’s Flickr Group, join up, and get uploading. We’ve all been looking forward to this theme for months.

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