August Photo Contest Finalists: Pigeons And Intrigue

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This past month’s photo contest theme was “Urban Jungle,” and what’s more urban than pigeons and mystery?

A city is not just its interesting architecture, cultural idiosyncrasies and masses of people, but someplace where unique characters live in the shadows of tall buildings and a place where the wild things have adapted. A country’s rural landscape offers a geographical context and a glimpse into the past whereas cities, to me, provide a snapshot of society in motion. August’s finalists have proven this point of view with their chosen pictures.

The first finalist we would like to honorably mention is Monica Forss’s picture, titled “Pigeon Square.” Taken in Kathmandu, Nepal, Monica recounts the photo’s backstory:

After visiting India I continued to Nepal, and one of the places where I stayed longer was Kathmandu. I found the temples and architecture around Durbar Square amazing. This boy turned up in his bright yellow jumper (great contrast) running around among the pigeons.

The contrasting yellow jumper in a sea of gray birds compliments the dynamic of urban living. For some reason, pigeons migrate to places that people settle, proving their ability to exist in a, somewhat, symbiotic way.

To me, pigeons provide a natural element that embellishes the unnatural tendencies of cities. They conjure images of Parisian cafes, park benches in New York and, as Maria from our site said, “someone who always wished she could feed the birds on the steps of Saint Paul’s Cathedral with Mary Poppins.”

You can find more uplifting shots on Monica Forss’s flickr.

When walking the streets of a city, lost in billboards and shop window displays, we forget to look up. Sometimes, we fail to notice how impressive the architecture is and sometimes, one needs to look down and see it from a bird’s-eye view. This is what Artistree2010, our other finalist, wrote about the view in his photo, “Hong Kong View”:

This shot was taken on the Peak in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year of 2010. The clouds that surrounded Hong Kong that evening trapped the light from all the buildings thus creating a warm glow. It certainly gives the city a softer look.

With one of the most impressive skylines in the world — bright lights against big mountains — the ability to catch Hong Kong in a different light is nothing short of talent. As Matt describes it, “really makes Hong Kong look like something out of a Graham Greene novel, complete with mystery and intrigue.”

To see more of Hong Kong’s center and other adventures, check out Artistree2010’s flickr account.

Thank you to all who submitted pictures onto The Expeditioner’s flickr group. With September fast approaching — it’s not just me, right? — don’t forget to join the group and upload your photos for next month’s contest (as well as the site’s upcoming book cover competition).

By Brit Weaver


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