The Badass European 4WD Camping Rig Festival (Or Something Like That)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spurred on by this month’s photo contest of “Adventure Travel” (check it out here), I was curiously flipping through the virtual pages of  The Adventure Life magazine when I came across a photo essay on the entrants in this year’s 12th annual Abenteur and Allrad Overland Festival in Belgium, what I learned to be the largest European off-road festival.

I hardly understand the necessity for suburban mothers to possess a facsimile of the machine-toting, Gulf War killing machine, otherwise known as the Hummer, but when you are going overland through Europe, that’s a different story. Perhaps living in the ‘burbs requires some degree of Napoleonic attitude – I hope to never know. Checking out some of the rigs on display at this festival makes me want to say hell yeah and WTF simultaneously. I guess Europe’s gone the way of the badass. Well done.

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