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Help Us Change The World With Just A Few Clicks

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If you had to choose one of your children to send out into dark, predator filled streets, which would you choose? If you had to choose a little brother and sister to tell her or she must permanently leave home, which would you choose?

You’re right to think that this is not a fair question. It is not a decision anyone should ever need to make. Right now, it’s a decision looming in front of the leadership staff at The GOD’S CHILD Project.

For 20 years, the non-denominational, ecumenical GOD’S CHILD Project has been the last hope for thousands of orphaned and abandoned children. We are currently taking care of 16,000 impoverished children in India, Africa, and Latin America, rescuing each one from unimaginable circumstances. Lost little boys and girls, children who were once abused, abandoned, or forced into slavery — children who once had no future — have been given homes and futures.During these tough economic times, The GOD’S CHILD Project has been one of the few charitable organizations not to cut services. After all, “cutting services” is just a technical way of saying we will be sending Maria, Jose, or Julianita back into the very streets we rescued them from.

Unlike many large charities operating today, The GOD’S CHILD Project does not have top administrators earning large salaries. The vision of founder and executive director Patrick Atkinson has always been to operate with thin administration costs and maximize how far our funds can go to help those who need it. Instead of sending children back to the streets, we dipped into our savings during the past two years and hoped for the economy to turn around.

As we all know, the economy has not yet turned. What has happened is that our bank account has reached a zero balance and we’re being forced to ask an unthinkable question: “Who do we send back to the streets?”

The Expeditioner’s readers helped get us through the disaster of Tropical Storm Agatha. This post is our request that you to help us again, in any way that you can. With our 2010 matching gift challenge, every dollar donated will reach twice as far.

Help us preserve the life of children who have nowhere else to turn. Please consider donating $20, $10 or $5 today. Even a single $1 would help. The economy has hurt everyone, but I don’t know anyone who does not have at least $1 to give. Remember that every bit is doubled.

You can then help us by forwarding this post to everyone you know, posting it to your Facebook page, or Tweeting it. We live in a world where you can help save lives with a few quick clicks. Please make those few clicks. Young, innocent lives are truly depending on you. Please help us avoid making decisions that we cannot bare to even consider.

For more information about The GOD’S CHILD Project visit our website and write us at 721 Memorial Highway Bismarck, ND 58504 (701) 255-7956.

By Luke Armstrong


About the Author

LukeArmstrongLuke Maguire Armstrong lives in Guatemala directing the humanitarian aid organization, Nuestros Ahijados. His book of poetry, iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About (available for sale on is especially enjoyed by people who “don’t read poetry.” (@lukespartacus)

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