Low-Cost Carriers To Greatly Expand Service In SE Asia

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nothing beats long-haul bus trip in Southeast Asia, with its blaring TVs, the hair-raising passings, and the curious roadside food offerings. But if you’re strapped for time and have a little bit of extra cash on you, plane travel is the way to go, especially now with the announcement of two huge players in the burgeoning low-cost carrier market in Southeast Asia.

As The Independent announced, both Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways have plans to expand and create new low-cost options. Malaysia Airlines will be expanding the routes their subsidiary, Firefly, will fly, including spots in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Not to be outdone, Thai Airways will begin service of its own low-cost carrier, Thai Tiger, beginning in May 2011.

And analysts believe this is just the beginning of what will become a very competitive and lucrative business. “After a slow start, aviation analysts predict that the low-cost carrier market in Asia is set to boom in the coming years, rivalling the booming budget industry that now exists in Europe and the US.”

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