Why You Should Visit Colombia

Friday, December 10, 2010

When I was reading the recent news reports about Colombia’s terrible rains and floods that have been ravaging the South American country for the last few weeks, it made me think back to my own trip there almost two years ago to the date. I was there in late November, and then too a weird rain system moved in — a once-in-a-lifetime phenomena I was told at the time — flooding the streets and washing out entire roadways.

But rain aside, Colombia’s still an amazing country to visit, not the least of which because of its notoriety for its thankfully lack of tourists. Of course, the reasons people have been hesitant to visit Colombia have been long gone for more than a decade now — drugs violence, kidnappings, political instability — and you’re far more likely going to run into an unforgettable Antioquian meal in a small cafe on the outskirts of Medellin than you are to ever stumble into a member of FARC.

Go Mad Nomad recently explored the country, offering up nine reasons why you should visit the country now, including the opportunity to explore some colonial gems — the Spanish began settling the country nearly 500 years ago — including Cartagena, Barichara, Villa de Leiva, Popoyan, Giron and Mongui. Go Mad Nomad also points out that Colombia is home to the Lost City (or Ciudad Perdida), which is increasing in popularity for travelers looking to avoid the crowds of Machu Picchu. Throw in the incredibly friendly and boisterous population, pristine Caribbean (and Pacific) beaches, and relatively cheap travel costs, and it’s a wonder there’s still a stigma attached to traveling there. Get there now before there’s a stigma attached to having never been.

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