Three Tips To Getting Your Ski Deals This Season

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thanks to our good friend Ullr, most of us in North America have already begun the winter rituals of incessant Weather Channel watching and the consequent reveling in the spoils of the most recent snowstorms. Lucky us, since this year surpasses any in recent memory as far as early season snow goes. All this is great news for skiers and snowboarders, but even better are the deals to be had this season. Admit it, saving some green on your lift ticket will put a few more Pabst Blue Ribbons in front of you at the slope-side bar. We can all dig that.

Last year was such a good year, as The New York Times pointed out in a recent article, that the 2009-2010 winter season turned out to be the second-best ever for resorts, with nearly 60 million visitors. That’s also with dirty little El Nino driving our snows away and the economy thinning our wallets. All those visitors were a result of some aggressive deals offered. That’s why we wanted to share with you where the you can get wrangle up the best deals floating around in cyberspace to make 2010-2011 even bigger.

1) Your first stop should be where they have more deals than ever before — free nights, free lift tickets, and free upgrades. Still looking for something to do on New Year’s? A search at revealed nearly one hundred deals still available.

2) If you can’t hack the world wide inter-web — in which case I thank you for visiting our site — I recommend you check out Virtuoso travel agents. They can help you bundle deals together — lodging deal plus ski deal in one — or give you the goods on how to get 10 free airplane tickets if you are, say, heading to Crested Butte with 26 of your friends.

3) Finally, if your two-year-old is throwing bigger tricks than you are in the terrain park, I might suggest checking around for family vacation deals. Keep an eye out for “kids stay/ski free” deals — they’re hot right now. Most of those deals are for kids under 12, but if you head out to Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, junior can be 18 and still qualify. That way he can jib his little heart out without paying a dime.

That’s important, because you need all the dimes you can get when you’re paying for my PBR’s.

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