Bourdain Sick Of The Road?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not exactly, more like a little worn out, what with wrapping up filming 15-plus episodes of No Reservations around the world, doing 40 some-odd speaking engagements around the country, and, oh yeah, all that post-production getting the show ready once the video’s back home in New York. Yeah, it can be a bit tiring being Bourdain, despite having the self-proclaimed best job in the world.

Anthony recounts his hectic life in his recent blog post — aptly titled “Both Ends Burning” — giving props to the Travel Channel for letting him kick off the upcoming Season 7 with a show in Haiti of all places, where he roams Camp JPHRO with semi-native Sean Penn (see above). This, a preview of things to come, with shows in Nicaragua, the Ozarks, Hokkaido and Cambodia coming up.

And what of those live shows? Well, if you live in Tallahassee, your time to see Anthony live is probably passed. Looks like things will be cut back drastically for the near future. In his own words:

My daughter cried when she saw I was leaving again and I feel guilty and horribly hungover. End of this run of appearances, I’m ditching as much of everything and anything I’ve ever said before and concentrating on a new presentation. And I’ll be cutting back significantly on the whole live in concert thing in general. Enough is enough. I don’t ever want to hear my daughter crying “Daddy, Daddy!…..” again as I walk down the hall to the elevator. The show is one thing. I go away, I come back, I stay for a while. But touring like this? One concrete suicide dressing room after another, another chain hotel room, trying to maintain the right balance between the Red Bull (for fatigue) and the beer (for stage jitters and nervousness) necessary to not “die” out there in front of 1,500-2000 people.

But the good news for Treme fans — notable in its first season for its cameos of David Chang, Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, and Wylie Dufresne — is that it looks like Tony’s got a hand in the show in the second season, and he promises it to be a lot more food friendly (and presumably a lot less John Goodman; he did jump off a riverboat in the last season). As they say: What one hand giveth, the other taketh away, or something to that effect.

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