February Travel Photography: The World In Black And White

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One of the coolest things we’ve discovered in the development of our Flickr group is the fact that we cannot really control the awesomeness. Not that we’d ever want to, it’s just that we didn’t foresee the amount of time wasted just surfing through the wealth of photos shared by the talent in our group. It’s crazy.

This past month’s contest theme was “Love on the Road.” However, in looking through the submissions to find a winner, we noticed an overwhelmingly phenomenal collection of black and white photos — apparently the gods of B&W were smiling on us.  We decided to forgo the shots of hand-holding backpackers and Asian love motels to acknowledge these great black and whites from around the world. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

March’s contest is “Winter Around The World.” Shovel off those crazy-good pictures to pay homage to the season we’re (hopefully) winding down . . . or just kill a few hours armchair-traveling the Flickr group. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

[Atlas *meh*d by jrodmanjr]

[Banyon by Tannachy]

[Nakuru Giraffe by emranemran]

[This Seems To Be A Good Place To Contemplate The Universe by jrodmanjr]

[What? by Tannachy]

[from summer adventures by brit.weaver]

[Olympia Stadion, Berlin by Tannachy]

[Cold Spring MetroNorth Station- Upstate, NY by ChrisGoldNY]

By Jon Wick


About the Author

Jon lives in Butte, Montana, spending most of his time on skis or bikes; sometimes both. He began travel writing while teaching in Korea and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Technical Communication at Montana Tech. Jon has begun writing his first book, The Story of Will, whose movie rights are still (very) available. Catch more of Jon at TheJonWickproject.wordpress.com. (@ExpedJon)

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