Tourists Forcing The U.K. To Switch Time Zones?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In what may well be the oddest initiative to come across our desks in years, the U.K. is apparently considering changing its time zone and moving ahead one hour — from Greenwich Mean Time — to allow for more daylight in an effort to bring about longer summer evenings in southern England, “ideal for restaurants and outdoor venues seeking to boost their trade,” as reported by the NZ Herald.

As explained by Conservative lawmaker Rebecca Harris, “The tourism industry has been crying out for extra daylight saving for years. It could extend the tourist season and boost the economy by up to £3.5 billion (USD$5.7bn) a year.”

Of course those who would be negatively impacted by this seemingly arbitrary shift in the Earth’s order are none too pleased with the idea, namely those in Scotland and northern England who could see their sunrise pushed back to 10 a.m.

So I’d like to open this post up now to you, the faithful reader, for your own ideas for asinine ways other parts of the world could improve tourism. I’ll start everyone off with a couple ideas.

1) New York City could combine the idea of the Naked Cowboy with the Police Department, replacing uniforms and guns with emblazoned underwear and music instruments, thus offering ample opportunities for tourist to take zany photos all over the city.

2) Vancouver could relocate somewhere sunnier and warmer, say, Nevada, where visitors would be guaranteed excellent weather and rain-free days every day of the week. Plus, lower sales tax in the U.S.

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