Ryanair To Offer Reserved Seating (Cue The Apocalypse)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The airline Europeans love to fly and Americans love to be jealous of, Ryanair is announcing that they will be joining the ranks of their corporate, stodgy competitors by offering reserved seating for those willing to pony up the extra 10 euros for the privilege (right now it’s limited to the front two rows of planes flying from Dublin to London Gatwick and Malaga airports). For you low-cost airline junkies, you already recognize this selling out as something akin to CBGB becoming a John Varvatos outlet on the Bowery or Iggy Pop selling his songs for use in cruise commercials. What’s next, are they going to start letting children aboard and allowing non-indie flicks to be shown in-flight?

And how close is Ryanair getting to scrapping their whole egalitarian philosophy of seating? Per spokesman Stephen McNamara, “If this new service proves popular with passengers then we will roll it out selectively on other Ryanair routes in coming months.” Oh that’s just it. Next time I need a low-cost alternative for inter-European travel, I’m getting out my two-wheeler and traveling the way “real” travelers do.

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