A Look At Bogotá’s Hipster Scene

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As safety becomes the norm and Colombia’s young begin to enjoy life around the city (and money) the way a generation ago never did, a burgeoning, dare we say it, hipster scene is emerging in Bogotá. (Full disclosure, I live in Brooklyn. I feel this is something necessary to disclose with regard to any discussion about “hipsters”.) In one such example, this week the NYT took a look at La Dayliciosa, a “part dance party, part rock show and part art opening” that began in 2007 as a result of the city’s law that forces bars to close at 3 a.m.

See, La Dayliciosa begins early in the day, offering revelers plenty of time to take in D.J.’s or a live band without fear of running into closing time. Pretension is hard to come by here, and the recurring party makes sure to put an emphasis on local music, highlighting the fact that the organizers are proud of their heritage and living in Bogotá. As one of the organizers notes, “We had very limited options when it came to going out, or doing much of anything in the city.” For those of you who’ve been there anytime recently, you know this is anything but the truth now.

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