April’s Photography Contest Winner: Finding Uniqueness On London’s Tower Bridge

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This month’s inspiration comes from Jason Rodman and his incredible photo sense. Some people just “get it.”

Here’s what I mean: You walk into your 400th Korean temple and take the quintessential photograph of the gate so grandma can scrapbook it once you return home. But, for some reason, that’s just not good enough . . . not you enough. Believe me, your computer’s hard drive doesn’t want more of the same either.

When you find yourself in a similar position, just remember this story from Mr. Rodman:

I knew I wanted to get an iconic shot of the Tower Bridge, but had no idea what it would look like. I’ve seen this landmark a hundred different ways, so I wanted to challenge myself to see something new, to see this

I walked back and forth over the bridge at least 3 times before seeing this shot in my head. But the challenge was apparent: no tripod! I was traveling light for that trip to London and didn’t have it with me. The railings were round, and the light was dim; there was no option to get the angle handheld, and if I wanted some motion, forget about it.

Dejected, I started crossing the bridge to head home. But, out of the corner of my eye, across the street . . . what was that? A wooden tent-stand, in the walkway, with a flat-ish top? Immediately, I knew this would work. I wedged in my iphone, wallet, and a couple lens caps to level the camera into position and balance it for the shot. I set the remote shutter, waited for a bus to drive by, and snagged this beauty on the first attempt. Still one of my all-time favorite shots.

You’re all-time favorite shots? Come on, I would buy this photograph a beer and take it dancing. It’s that good. Congratulations Jason, your perseverance definitely paid off! Check out other date-worthy shots at Jason’s Flickr page.

Next month’s contest will be delicious. Those of you who enjoyed our popular Food Porn Week last year will love May’s contest: Food From Around The World. Photograph your grub before it goes down the hatch, then post your shot here!

May’s winner will receive a feature post on June 1!
By Jon Wick


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