How To Tell The Story Of Hanoi In Minutes [Video]

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A lesson I’ve yet to learn in my own videos is that sometimes, in travel videos, it’s best to just shut your trap and let the destination do the talking. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not you the viewers are really looking to see, it’s the destination. Case in point, the above video of Hanoi shot by Matt Devir that utilizes some fancy camera work and ambient music to tell a story much richer and moving than any words could ever do.

From the juxtaposition of the iconic image of women carrying baskets strung on a pole across their shoulders against the backdrop of one of the fastest industrializing cities in the world, to the shots of the night market filled with teenagers having dinner while crowded around small tables, Hanoi seems to be telling a story at nearly every street corner within its bustling borders, and beckoning the eager listener to sit down for the tale.

[Matt Devir/Vimeo]

[The Expeditioner Travel Video Group/Vimeo]

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