18 Travel Writers Reveal Their 18 Favorite Travel Books

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You know how there are some people who just give you really bad reading suggestions, like your friend’s mother, or Oprah? Their picks always involve stories about childhood molestation or teenage vampires, or both of those subjects combined, and all you really wish for is a good guide for travel reading to help get you through the doldrums this winter while you’re stuck at home.

Now imagine that your friend’s mother was Sara Wheeler, or that Oprah was Paul Theroux, which, I have to say, would both be really cool, because then you’d be getting some pretty fantastic suggestions. And if you’re into fantasies coming true, try exploring this list over at the Guardian of some of the best travel writers in the biz listing their favorite travel books of all time.

Some include Pico Iyer, who can’t say enough good things about Jan Morris’s Destinations: Essays from Rolling Stone (“Read her on Los Angeles, Manhattan or New Delhi and you’ll never want to read anyone else on those places again”), and Sarah Wheeler who loves Freya Stark’s A Winter in Arabia (“The book is a heady mix of hardship and luxury, scholarship and mischief, loneliness and intimacy, and the oppositions give the prose its strength.)”

For the full list, check out the Guardian‘s article here.

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