Get The Bejezus Scared Out Of You At These Real Haunted Houses

Friday, October 28, 2011

It’s time to get that department store flashlight out of your face and stop telling those wussy tales of pretend ghosts around the campfire this weekend. These are the real deal, and as Matador says, it’s time to “sack up” and be a haunted house ninja this Halloween. This is seriously creepy stuff. I’d rather just lumber off into a candy bar induced coma and hope the spirits don’t wake me. But, who wouldn’t be kind of curious . . . Here are three of my favorites, and one of my own that didn’t make their list.

1) Stanley Hotel (pictured)

This scenic mountain escape just outside Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado has a wonderfully eclectic array of amenities along with their other-worldly visitors. A prankish child seems to enjoy tickling the visitors of room 418 and shaking their bed in the middle of the night. Room 401 includes chocolates on your pillows, a mini-bar and a spirit that will brush against you and breathe in your ear. No worries, though, when you’re ready to get the hell outta there, the dead chambermaid will help you tidy up a bit before you go screaming out the door. Yeah, it’s no wonder this place was the inspiration behind Stephen King’s The Shining.

2) Rose Hall

The daughter of a voodoo priestess moved to Montego Bay, Jamaica, after marrying and consequently murdering him and her next two husbands before being found smothered to death in her bedroom. Likely because of those crazy voodoo genes, her spirit escaped during the burial and now runs amuck sometimes seen as a face-like blob in her own bedroom mirror.

3) Woodchester Mansion

Englanders surely know of the still unfinished mansion from the 1860’s. A cellar ghost and see-through girl complement the gargoyled exterior. It is the chapel that you should head if you want the heeby-jeebies; be alert for rocks that have a tendency to get thrown around . . .

4) Original Springs Hotel

This Illinois hotel has the mineral springs to cure all kinds of ailments, but since a number of deaths on the property, spirits are often seen curing their boredom. The staff seems to steer clear of the second floor wing once the sun sets; sounds often come from the empty and locked guest rooms. They may likely be from the “woman in white” who has been seen meandering through closed doors.

[Photo: At The Stanley Hotel: Orbs? Dust? by Gudlyf]

By Jon Wick


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