The Expeditioner’s October Travel Photography Contest Winner: South American Warmth

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What makes a place? Is it the food, the drink, the clothing? The winning shot from this past month’s Flickr photo contest suggests a definitive answer: people.

Though culture can be defined by so many things, it is passed on and embodied by those within. Congratulations to Filippo Tafi and his wonderful shot of a Peruvian family relaxing outside their home. I am sad to admit I have not been to the South American continent yet, but with shots like this that illustrate the warmth of people from that part of the world, I can’t wait to go.

The smiles, waves and vibrant colors juxtaposed with earthen hues is that one shot, one out of the 3,000 shots you (or maybe it’s just me) take on trips, that make the hundreds of blurry throwaways worth the effort. A great moment in time, even if it was only a moment. You know, I already feel welcomed to Peru because of this shot alone.

For those of you who wish to check out more of Filippo’s shots from all over the world — he’s quite traveled — click here to access his photostream. Thanks for the great shot!


The time has now come for some good, old-fashioned debauchery. Yup, I’ve circumnavigated The Expeditioner’s ethics department to announce our November Photo Contest: Party!

Each culture, each trip, each locale has its unique way of letting loose. Whether it’s having two too many on a plastic stool on a street corner of Hanoi or raging the streets of Antigua (ahem, Luke), this month’s contest is for all you that seek the world through partying. Just head over to our Flicker group and join us, then head to the November contest thread and submit your partying shot for a chance at having your photograph featured here, if front of our nearly 8 million hourly readers!

*This is the point where I add a disclaimer to keep from getting this contest yanked: No tasteless shots — you know what I mean.*

By Jon Wick


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