November Photo Contest Winner: Cusco’s Inti Raymi Festival

Friday, December 2, 2011

The world is ripe with parties and festivals, each with its own unique flavor of the local culture, cuisine, love and dance. This month’s photo contest, chosen from our Flickr group, was a celebration of travel through partying.

Our winning shot comes from the Inti Raymi Festival in Cusco, Peru. This festival of the sun has deep roots celebrating the Incan god Inti. The festival also celebrates local police and their longing looks at beautiful paraders as they pass by. Well, that may not be completely true, but this shot captures just that.

Let’s imagine for a second: You are heading to the next bar, propping up your overly-inebriated friend who will not take off their new Luke Armstrong mask. You are enveloped by the atmosphere, the dress, and the revelry. You look up, meet a pair of eyes, and the world comes to a screeching halt. Oh, you know what I mean . . .

Party on Jessie Reeder, and congratulations, your shot is our November travel photo winner. Be sure to check out her incredible gallery of shots from all over the world at her Flickr page.

And if you’ve got, say, a week to kill, visit her blog: Little Bark Photography. Seriously, you’ll thank me.

Our next contest theme is “Winter.”  Whether you hibernate or embrace, sleep or ski, this season is a jackpot of fantastic shots. We can’t wait to see our group’s submissions.  Be sure to head over to Flickr Group, in between rounds of egg nog, to see the growing bank of photographs posted by our readers and fellow travelers.

By Jon Wick


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