10 Random Facts About Train Travel In India

Friday, December 23, 2011


1) The total distance covered by the trains on the Indian Railways everyday, equals 3 1/2 times the distance to moon. [Link]

2) Longest Run (Time): Himsagar Express (3,751 km in 74 hrs and 55 min). [Link]

3) 18 million passengers ride 9,000 Indian trains every day. [Link]

4) Cost for ticket from New Delhi to Mumbai (1st class): $52.

5) Cost for ticket from New Delhi to Mumbai (Sleeper class): $8.37.

6) One compartment of the lowest class of accommodation is earmarked for women in every passenger carrying train. [Link]

7) Time to travel from Mumbai to Calcutta on the “Superfast” train: 30 1/2 hours.

8) Sample of various types of riders that receive fare discounts: “Circust Artists,” “Mental Patiens,” “Polo Team,” “War Widow,” and “Unemployed Youth.”

9) Cost for 30-day unlimited Indrail pass (first class): $495. (Per capita income for India: $1,170.)

10) Number of people killed by trains in India over the last five years: 1,220 [Link]

[Indian Train by Jasmine Kowner/Flickr]

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