Amateur Traveler Reviews The Expeditioner’s Guide To The World

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Thanks to Amateur Traveler for their review of The Expeditioner’s Guide to the World at their site this week. Many of you are probably active listeners to Chris Christensen’s Amateur Traveler podcast, which at last look was the number five podcast in iTunes’ “People and Places” category (damn Rick Steves was just ahead at number 4).

In her mostly glowing review, Carla Rountree described the book as “an easy, enjoyable read that blends humor, wisdom, a touch of sarcasm, and a clear love and appreciation of travel on the part of both the editors and the authors.”

She goes on to make a pitch for you new e-book users. “If you’re looking for books to download to that new Kindle Fire you just got for Christmas, then consider adding this one to your list.”

Of course, you can always check out the book and purchase either the paperback or e-book version at Amazon by clicking here.

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