6 Videos Of Southwest Flight Attendants Gone Wild [Videos]

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Southwest has a reputation of differentiating themselves from its competitors, including the way they board their passengers (by groups rather than assigned seat numbers), their lack of fees for check baggage (up to two) and their flights attendants odd propensity to break out into song, rap or fiddle solo while on board. Try getting any of those things with the other carriers.

And with that, I’ve gone ahead and collected six of my favorite videos of Southwest flight attendants gone wild.

1) Rapping Flight Attendant

David Holms a/k/a “The Rapping Flight Attendant” certainly garnered his 15 minutes for this 2 1/2-minute video. He was subsequently featured on CNN and interviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

2) Vanilla Ice Attendant

This attendant decides — unfortunately? fortunately? — to channel the likes of Vanilla Ice when giving his pre-takeoff announcement.

3) Beatboxing Attendant

Maximillian a/k/a “The Beatboxing Attendant” decided to get on the mic and entertain the bewildered cabin one day while the plane was stuck on the tarmac. Strangely enough, a reincarnated Groucho Marx seems to have made it into Seat 2A (see the man in glasses and suspicious mustache above).

4) Elvis Attendnat

This flight attendant took to the skies in his best pair of UPS shorts and Nautic sunglasses to impersonate Elvis on an assumably Vegas-found flight.

5) Queen Attendant

What better way to honor the legacy of Freddie Mercury than to sing “We Will Rock You” at 30,000 feet?

6) The Devil Went down to Georgia Attendant

When word got out to the flight attendants that their Chicago-found plane was carrying the touring cast of Beauty and the Beast, this flight attendant asked to borrow an orchestra member’s fiddle so that he could show off his shredding skills.

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