The Expeditioner’s “Music” Photo Contest Winner: Venice Violinist

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Music is a perfect example of transcendental beauty ripe for a photography contest. Ask people why music is important and you’ll likely be greeted with some pretty outstanding responses: It’s my sanctuary, it cleanses my soul, it’s a universal means of connectedness, music is an outlet for my heart and it’s the color palette that paints life. As eloquent as we are as communicative beings, there are some things in the world that require words larger than what we have — so we rely on pictures. This reason could be one of the main reasons why this month’s photo contest was one of the best.

Our winner comes to us from the streets of Venice, Italy. Our congratulations to photographer Kevin Thornhill, who shot this beautiful candid with his Nikon D7000. Despite the musical theme, our subject isn’t making anything of the sort — the music making seems to be entirely internal. It’s his eyes — they appear to be in quiet reflection or contemplation or transported to a far-off land in a far off time. Kevin probably explains it best: “I decided to aimlessly wander around the city looking for life and came across this scene of serenity.”

Serenity, that could definitely be the adjective I’m looking for. Congratulations to the Venice Violinist, our January travel photography contest winner. Kevin has an incredible bank of photography over at Kevin Thornhill Photography and on his Facebook page.  Be sure to check out the rest of Kevin’s shots to add a bit more serenity to your busy day!

Our next contest theme is “In The Dark.”  It’s another great theme idea that celebrates the special moment when everything in those difficult low-light photos begins to dance beautifully together. We can’t wait to see this month’s submissions,  head over to Flickr Group to see all the sweet shots posted by The Expeditioner Nation.

By Jon Wick


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