Where To Find Unique Snowboarding Experiences Around The World

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Skiing/snowboarding/snowball fighting season may soon be coming to an end, but there’s still time to make some last-minute preparations to get somewhere that actually has snow (read: not in most of the U.S.). To help out in your planning, Matador put together a dream list of destinations for snowboarders who are looking for something a little more out of the ordinary than the normal mountain trek.

Looking to finally have the chance to snowboard down the length of a mountain and end up on the shores of a beach? They suggest heading to Greenland where you can finally fulfill that dream, albeit without getting to actually enjoy much of the beach since it’s a frozen tundra of packed dirt and ice (much better than a warm ski lodge, right?).

Or if you are an avid winter sports fan but you foolishly took that job at a large, multi-national oil firm in the U.A.E. back when you graduated college (at least they were hiring!), check out Dubai’s Ski Dubai, a fully-contained indoor ski resort that boasts snow production of 30 metric tons a day. This is probably both a dream and nightmare for the snowboard enthusiast.

Of course, if actual snow is what you’re looking for, be not afraid, Colorado finally got that late-winter blizzard the state’s known for, and the resorts are now literally buried in snow. The Denver Post’s Ski Report is reporting that Vail has a depth of 37″, Copper is at 50″, Breckenridge has 51″, and in the lead is Wolf Creek where they’re reporting 80″. All hope is not lost!

[Dream snowboard trips for 2012/Matador]

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