Bourdain Announces Return Of New Season On April 9

Friday, February 17, 2012


Travel Channel announced that Bourdain is returning April 9 for Season 8 of No Reservations, a great addition to an otherwise exciting spring for returning shows (both Mad Men and Game of Thrones will also be coming back in the next couple of months).

Last season’s opener found Tony in Haiti, paling around with Sean Penn. In the opener for this new season, Tony will be far from any celebrities in Mozambique, a great choice to showcase a very unknown country that many people overlook when traveling in southern Africa.

In the press release, Bourdain mentions what a great surprise the country was for him. “Of the 15 locations, so far Mozambique has been the biggest surprise. It was inspiring to see a country with so difficult a history and so much to rebuild filled with so much hope — and truly delicious food. It’s a breathtaking and little seen location.”

Here are a few other locations you can expect to see in No Reservations this year:

· Austin, TX
· Baja, Mexico
· The Burgundy region of France
· The Croatian Coast
· The Emilia–Romagna region of Northern Italy
· Finland
· Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
· Kansas City, MO
· Lisbon, Portugal
· Penang, Malaysia
· Sydney, Australia

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